Not the best start to a holiday

We thought we were being really smart planning our trip down to Cornwall. We would leave early evening after work and stop half way down to break the journey. It was all going so well, the car was packed, the house clean and kids ready, and we were off! However… an hour into our trip to Cornwall and Evie starts to complain of a sore tummy. Within 10 minutes this had progressed to projectile vomiting all over the car seat. The rest of the car journey continued like this, she was sick every 10/20 minutes, we got through all her spare clothes, my cardigan and a pack of wet wipes. In the end I stripped her down to her nappy, had wrapped her in another nappy for warmth around her chest, and put a bib on her just to catch anything else she might vomit up. 😂We whacked the heat up and just got to the hotel as quick as possible. The night continued pretty much the same. Evie was sick all night, so I shared a bad, covered with towells,with her to keep an eye on her, and Steve slept in the single bed. By 4am she had stopped being sick and the next day was just weak and tired. As was I! We made it to Cornwall but by that night I had come down with it. 8 hours of vomiting every 20 or so minutes, (giving me horrific flashbacks to my pregnancies and HG) and I was over the over the worst of it. And then Steve got it!
What a start to our holiday! Luckily Henry didn’t get it, I attribute that to the magic of breast milk! By day 2 we were all just about recovered enough to start the holiday properly! Although despite washing everything, and having been home for a few days now, I can still sick from time to time. I’m sures its just ingrained in the car seat fabric!

Mum goals

I’m currently sat here with one boob out from feeding, a baby passed out on my lap and the other kid asleep in the bed next to me, holding on tightly to a fistful of my hair as that’s the only way she sleeps! And yet I feel like a winner. Both children asleep means I have a little time to myself, even if I spend it cooking, or ironing or cleaning! I can do it without somebody clinging to my leg. I can put something on the tv that I want to watch that’s not bloody Peppa Pig!) Because as much as I love them and appreciate the opportunity to take my full maternity leave, it is constant, relentless and there is never any me time. So I take each little moment like this and treasure it!


The heat has definitely hit us hard. After the last heat wave I had every intention of buying fans before they sold out again. Clearly I didn’t do it as it’s still on my to do list and once again there are no fans in any of the shops. I’m praying Amazon deliver before the weekend!

The heat hasn’t helped with Evie’s mood. This morning she had a tantrum of the most epic proportions. I’m sure she waited until all the windows were open before she started. I’m half expecting social services to turn up to find out what all the screaming was. She’s napping it off now while I’m still recovering from it!

Despite that I feel like a bit of a winner right now. Both kids are asleep, I’ve managed to take a wee without an audience, I have a banana bread in the oven ( although I was a banana short.. one banana was beyond ripe so I had to bin it ) and I’m really hoping I get to eat lunch before they wake!

Go the Fcuk to sleep

It’s now 9pm. I’ve been trying to get the kids to sleep since 6.30pm. Evie has now entered the realms of overtiredness. We’re currently somewhere between singing, crying and on the verge of passing out. It’s basically like putting a drunk to bed.
Henry, the ‘easy’ baby, has decided he no longer wants to sleep in his crib and wants to be held all day and night. But only by me. Both only want me. At the same time. All I want is a large glass of wine, and a good nights sleep.
Wish me luck ❤️

Hello! 👋

Ok, so I’ll give this a go. It’s likely nobody will ever read this, but if not it’s a place for me to have a bit of an outlet (rant!) from time to time.

So, who am I? My name is Charlotte, I’m a 30 something mum of two adorable monsters, Evie aged 2 (going on 13) and Henry aged 5 months. I basically haven’t slept in 2 years. Most days I am fuelled by caffeine and cake.

This is my account of motherhood. All the good, bad and ugly bits.