The heat has definitely hit us hard. After the last heat wave I had every intention of buying fans before they sold out again. Clearly I didn’t do it as it’s still on my to do list and once again there are no fans in any of the shops. I’m praying Amazon deliver before the weekend!

The heat hasn’t helped with Evie’s mood. This morning she had a tantrum of the most epic proportions. I’m sure she waited until all the windows were open before she started. I’m half expecting social services to turn up to find out what all the screaming was. She’s napping it off now while I’m still recovering from it!

Despite that I feel like a bit of a winner right now. Both kids are asleep, I’ve managed to take a wee without an audience, I have a banana bread in the oven ( although I was a banana short.. one banana was beyond ripe so I had to bin it ) and I’m really hoping I get to eat lunch before they wake!

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