Not the best start to a holiday

We thought we were being really smart planning our trip down to Cornwall. We would leave early evening after work and stop half way down to break the journey. It was all going so well, the car was packed, the house clean and kids ready, and we were off! However… an hour into our trip to Cornwall and Evie starts to complain of a sore tummy. Within 10 minutes this had progressed to projectile vomiting all over the car seat. The rest of the car journey continued like this, she was sick every 10/20 minutes, we got through all her spare clothes, my cardigan and a pack of wet wipes. In the end I stripped her down to her nappy, had wrapped her in another nappy for warmth around her chest, and put a bib on her just to catch anything else she might vomit up. 😂We whacked the heat up and just got to the hotel as quick as possible. The night continued pretty much the same. Evie was sick all night, so I shared a bad, covered with towells,with her to keep an eye on her, and Steve slept in the single bed. By 4am she had stopped being sick and the next day was just weak and tired. As was I! We made it to Cornwall but by that night I had come down with it. 8 hours of vomiting every 20 or so minutes, (giving me horrific flashbacks to my pregnancies and HG) and I was over the over the worst of it. And then Steve got it!
What a start to our holiday! Luckily Henry didn’t get it, I attribute that to the magic of breast milk! By day 2 we were all just about recovered enough to start the holiday properly! Although despite washing everything, and having been home for a few days now, I can still sick from time to time. I’m sures its just ingrained in the car seat fabric!

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