Go the Fcuk to sleep

It’s now 9pm. I’ve been trying to get the kids to sleep since 6.30pm. Evie has now entered the realms of overtiredness. We’re currently somewhere between singing, crying and on the verge of passing out. It’s basically like putting a drunk to bed.
Henry, the ‘easy’ baby, has decided he no longer wants to sleep in his crib and wants to be held all day and night. But only by me. Both only want me. At the same time. All I want is a large glass of wine, and a good nights sleep.
Wish me luck ❤️

Hello! 👋

Ok, so I’ll give this a go. It’s likely nobody will ever read this, but if not it’s a place for me to have a bit of an outlet (rant!) from time to time.

So, who am I? My name is Charlotte, I’m a 30 something mum of two adorable monsters, Evie aged 2 (going on 13) and Henry aged 5 months. I basically haven’t slept in 2 years. Most days I am fuelled by caffeine and cake.

This is my account of motherhood. All the good, bad and ugly bits.